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FOR: 2015+ WRX/STi
Location: Socal, Will meet anywhere up to Irvine and Down to SCM
Shipping: Nope

Galaxy Headliner with 320+ Fiber Optic Stars, Motorized Projector, Extended Power Cable whip to Connect the Projector, Remote Control and Extra Battery, Full RGB Control with 7 Modes and the Best Feature of Rolling Twinkle/ Flickers like Real Stars, Two Vibrant Galaxy Fabrics, Two Permanex Fabric Glue Bottles, Two Sun Visors Prepped with Fancy CF Wrap Mirror Flap lol …. For Your Stock 2015+ WRX/STI non Sunroof Black Headliner, Stock Black Sun Visors and $500

I know this isn’t for everyone, but I also know a lot of folks dig it, it blew my Friends minds whenever they Saw it. I had it installed for awhile then got Greedy, I wanted to Wrap it with a much more Vibrant Galaxy Fabric, so I took it out a few Months ago, stripped it and was getting it ready when I decided Im getting a Forester. I wish I could slap it in a Forester, but nope. I cant find the Videos of it installed in my Car many years back, they are on an old Phone, but the Projector is totally fine, I only used it every once in awhile to show off with friends lol. The Sun Visors are Prepped to be wrapped, I was gonna use the stock Fabric as a Template to Sleeve it, so it shouldn’t be a big deal at all to get done. There is plenty enough Fabric and Glue to get this done. Let me Add, wrapping Fabric on the Headliner is pretty easy, any monkey can do it, the Fiber Optic Strands and gluing each individual one on Both sides was friggin Super Time Intensive and Frustrating, I used different fiber strand thicknesses as well to Mimmick Small and Larger Stars. I know there are a few that would like to do this themselves, believe me swapping with me is the easiest way. I can give a step by step on how to do this later, I got no prob helping a Subi Bro out with tips, but I will say this was a much larger Project than I ever imagined, and will NEVER EVER DO THIS AGAIN LOL SIGH! BLAH BLAH BLAH Ok Rant done, any questions Please Ask! ( Wow I Rambled)…. Will Meet anywhere up to Irvine and Down to SCM and show Proof it all Works and Give some Helpful Install Tips

Will Provide more detailed Photos or Info if Serious. Cant Post Videos directly but can Post Videos in Comments or PM if Wanted 🙂
Retrofit Blacked out Base Housing, Custom HoneyComb Lenses, Retrofit HID Low and Hi-Beams, Diode Dynamics C-Light with Switchback Turn Signals, Blacked out Side Markers, a Box with a few extra HID Bulbs and Misc Parts, Red Demon Eyes, All Plug and Play except for Tapping into the Turn Signals for the SwitchBacks ….. For Your Stock Crappy Chrome Base/ Premium Housings with Halogen Bulbs Plus $350. Can Help Install for an Extra $35, otherwise will show you exactly what you need to do to connect it yourself.
Carbon Fiber Wrapped Interior Parts Including: CF Driver/ Passenger Horizontal Dash Pieces, CF Upper Center Dash Hood thingy, CF Driver/ Passenger Doors Front/ Rear Window control panel, Rear Door Levers, Manual Shift Lever Shroud, Ceiling Reading Light for Driver/ Passenger with LED Super White Bulbs, Ceiling Center Light with LED Super White Bulbs, All The Red Pin Striping Material that you see in the Photos … For Your Stock Parts Plus $162.35 and a Los Golondrinas Carnitas Burrito with Green Sauce.. jk about the burrito but if you seriously wanna pick up a Chipotle Burrito we can work out something.
For this I would meet half way and help swap everything over. I definitely recommend just swapping the door Panels, itd save some time for transitioning stuff. Yes, I know the Side Panels have Galaxy Fabric on them as well, I’ll leave em on if that’s what you fancy, otherwise can strip it off no problem, stock Black Fabric underneath.


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