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Hi All

Apologies if this has already been asked in the past.

I want to remove the stock head unit that comes with the subaru wrx 2018 model, however a friend mentioned it may not be possible as its all hooked up to the ecu etc so may noy be able to remove and if I do it wont work on another car? Didnt sound right to me so coming to you guys for some guidance and help please.

Is that true about the head unit not working if removed from the wwrx and installed in another vehicle? To be honest the car is written off so not to concerned about how it comes out, as long as it comes out in one piece and is installable in another car.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Note - I will be placing another post in the buy and sell section. Front left corner damage, no airbags deployed, apart from that car is immaculate, less than 2000k's on the clock and interior is so new it still has the new car smell. Worst feeling in the world having to sell it off :(

PM me if your interested and please provide some guidance/experience installing the wrx head unit in aniother car.


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