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It’s funny to me where the WRX falls into the sports car hierarchy, respect wise at least. I’ve owned my ‘16 for about 2 months and wanted to share some things I’ve noticed.

In high school I had a 1999 LS1 z28 camaro (terrible choice by parents for a 16 year olds first car btw lol). That car was awesome. It had loads of power, sounded mean as hell and was faster than most cars at my school. Me being a dumbass kid I would often find myself in stoplight race situations. The only cars off my list were other ls vehicles, terminator cobras and WRX/Evos (even though now after owning a WRX, I feel in some situations my camaro was straight line faster).

Fast forward, now I’m 30 and slightly more responsible. I’ve noticed that my WRX gets a lot of respect. ‘Real’ sports cars (vettes, m3/5 etc) will often wave and not antagonize me on the road. I had a ZL1 Camaro (obviously could kick my ass in a straight line) at a stop light with me the other day, and dude just gave me a thumbs up, light went green and we both went on about the day.

Flip side, the crappiest cars are the ones that try to get me to race. Even with my wife and kid in the

Bottom line is the WRX seems to get mad respect even from cars that are >2x the price and hp. It’s pretty awesome. When I had my camaro (same time fast and furious came out) I never really saw this car as a ‘rice burner’ like the civics with huge wings and 10” exhaust tips lol. But maybe that’s because the WRX is ‘the king of the rice burners’....Supra excluded.

End of rambling.
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