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Greetings My son is having a over boost issue on his 08 WRX
He has a aftermarket exhaust and a grimmspeed intake. etune It is a grimmspeed pipe coming up to the turbo as well.
We think the waste gate doesn't open wide enough.
The actuator, when disconnected seems to have travel.
How far should the waste gate arm turn when you have it disconnected from the actuator?
IT only moves 1/8 to 3/16th - I don't want to force it -
We read that some people just take off the actuator and then move the gate open and closed 100 times to clear off any buildup

The car over boosts and approaches 20 lbs boost in 3th at 3000, that causes some flutter, which might be the gate or some other ecu controled reaction.
He had a waste gate solenoid code and he replaced the solenoid.
thanks in advance marty
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