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Hey gang. Stuff is crazy right now but my precious bugeye wagon has been not so subtly telling me She is hurting. So Im not looking for charity or anything but I could really use a break. Im hoping this long shot might actually hit something. So heres what Im looking for:

-Oil Temp(need for trans cooler)
-Wideband AFR
-Oil Pressure
-Clock mount 3 gauge pod

-STi stock intercooler or possibly aftermarket
-JDM STi hood scoop, really prefer WRB but if it needs body work and the price is right, Im open to any color
-JDM hood scoop splitter(but of course!)

-Alternator, 90 amp minimum. I THINK maybe my cuurrent Sti alternator is ok but my battery died today after only 1 minute of radio...anyways this isnt definite and what Im really looking for is a 140 or 160 amp aftermarket alternator. STi has 90 amp, the newer the higher the amps basically. Others work from Forester, Legacy, Baja, etc.
-Performance pitch stop mount and motor mounts(need the motor mounts more than anything)

I might be adding to the list, but I think thats it for now. Im in Williamsburg Virginia 23185. Please private message me as Im sure this will get buried or Ill forget about it etc. So private message would be much MUCH preferred lol. Thank you in advance.
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