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Hey all,

I just recently got my hands on a '06 Saab 92x Aero! I am not new to cars and mechanical work but I am new to tuning. I am looking to slowly build my car up into a more and more fun track car while minimizing risk as much as possible. I know modding makes reliability worse no matter what so my goal is to minimize the risks as much as possible. My horsepower goal is about 300 whp, to be achieved over the next 2 to 3 years. My budget is about $6000. The car has 160k miles with impeccable maintenance records.

So my current thoughts on helping the health of the engine are to start with an air oil separator and keep up to date with all maintenance, of course. After that I will do tires, then suspension. For suspension I am thinking coil overs or air, so that I have some ability to adjust ride height depending on my needs. I live in a snowy area so being able to raise it up, for clearance during the winter would be good. I also occasionally camp so I don't want to limit that option any. In terms of power, I am debating going the Cobb route and slowly working my way to 2+ vs used STI parts. Intermingled in power upgrades I will do sway bars and such. One additional consideration is the desire to go into bigger numbers down the road so I am trying to consider parts that are good for my purposes but will also handle higher HP down the line (not sure how much higher; I just want to avoid doing things twice, as much as possible). I will be 95% of the work myself.

So my main question here is:
Are there any other recommended mods, like the AOS, that can help improve on inherent flaws with the platform/modding?
Any general advice or thoughts are appreciated, as well.
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