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Hello new. Not sure where to post this.

I been trying to understand my subaru rebuild and I'm.stuck...

I'm at a stage or rebuilding. This question is so important to answer for my rebuild and after lots of reading n speaking to people I'm stuck in this same question. (Should I uprate my cams?) there are 3 main measures of a fast car. 0-60 1/4 Subjective. I want a fast 0-60. I find the nearer u get to.the answer of questions around mods, forums seem to.throw out the question of, "why would someone want a 0-60 time it just for magazines" I don't do 1/4 if I did I'd chose a different car that was aerodynamic to start with like TRV. So I want a quick car off the line n as all cars are measured by 0-60 that what I want. It a rally car. On narrow roads 0-60 is safe for amateur drivers plus I have a time to measure against current cars. Now the 5 speed hits 62 in 2nd at just 6.5k revs But is at risk after 280 bhp. So never will it go under 4.5secs. Maybe with 100kg taken out 4secs. So the 6 speed is heavier like a extra passager which is like 0.5 secs!! So 380bhp will put that right. Anything more now we talking engine builders ££££ trust and less shelf life. Then the 6 speed only hits 60 in 3rd OR u get cams that will rev longer to 8k revs where it hits 62mph. So my question is to get a fast 0-60 time is it best to stick with standard cams n get a change to 3rd or get cams that will allow the 6 speed to hit 60 in 2nd? It a drag question not bhp question. It like a driver asking for a specific gearing question for a rally course. He doesn't want hear back why he wants to be to 60...just wants the enginer to design to car or say if it not possible.

If if anyone could help me understand how to get a quick 0-60 time. I'd be most grateful.

Thank you 😊
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