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Im currently looking at buying my first project car, a 2004 wrx from offerup. It isnt running (cylinder misfire) and he claims it just needs a tune but could be something worse. He says he has replaced every sensor on the car, new spark plugs, pulley and head gasket less than 10,000miles, coil packs, battery. I really want to get a wrx but im scared that this would be something i cant handle. I dont have a ton of experience with cars but im willing to watch and read what I need to know and get my hands dirty. If you could help me out that would be awesome. Ive included a picture of the engine bay and if you have any questions ill tell you as much as I know. This is my first project car but I will be working on it with my friend that has built many engines.

New Info:
He has done a compression test and all cylinders came back good.
Its possible that his ground wire is not plugged in (the reason for not starting)as seen below

Parts list:
Aem Short ram air intake
full 3 inch exhaust
STI fuel pump
STI injectors
STI turbo
STI top mount intercooler
perrin down pipe
manuel short shift
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