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Hi All

Needing to let go of my pride and joy.

Had an accident which damaged the from left quarter and just like any insurance company they have written it off.

Having said that, the car is repairable or fantastic for spare parts as it was only 6 months old when it had the accident..... Front left corner damage, no airbags deployed, apart from that car is immaculate, less than 2000k's on the clock and interior is so new it still has the new car smell. Worst feeling in the world having to sell it off :( But am injured and not working so need the money to pay for day to day living.

Please only serious buyers, Im needing to get this sorted ASAP as it is costing me to keep it at the workshop everyday and I need to clear my loan om it too.

PM me if your interested and please and if you need to see it I'm sure I can arrange it with the workshop.

Trust me, everything else is immaculate - fix it if you are an enthusiasist and/or have the time or sell it for parts becasue they are all brand spanking new.


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