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Selling my new Subaru access port. Got it out of the box plugged it in and that's about it. Didn't even get to install it before the 'Ol lady walked into the garage and said: "What's that?" ..Long story short, it went right back into the box along with my dreams of tuning my car. For now anyways at least. Comes with all original components in NEW condition. Would like 460 OBO for it. Buyer pays shipping cost. Will send more pictures upon request. Thank you for reading!
-P.S. My wife would be much happier with you owning this. (Trust me)
-P.S.S. Consult your significant other before you impulse buy. (Saves time and hardship)
"$650 for something that makes your stupid fast car go faster" -She was not happy. Still isn't. Save me. lol


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