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Hello everybody I have been searching for a clear cut simple part list needed to do a STi swap the right way.

What I have is a 06 WRX TR
I have a IAG stage 2 motor just waiting to know more before I Install.

I know I’ll need a 6 speed with the DCCD as well as STi axels, hubs and dash cluster.

What about the ECU? I’ve found mixed answers some say you’ll need it IAG told me the 24 some bytes difference doesn’t matter and to keep my ECU as long as I get a Cobb.

Do I need to upgrade my suspension too? My plan is to have it on aftermarket Forester struts would it be wise to add more beef to that (lateral links, strut mount, etc)

My goal for this build is to have it be my daily and take it off road on the weekend.
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