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I did this on my 06 TR so not all information may be valid for other years. I am providing these tips for information purposes only. I am not responsible for anything that happens as a result of someone reading this thread. Proceed at your own risk.

Jack and Jack Stands
Electric Torque wrench (rated 240 ft/lbs)
6mm allen wrench
12mm, 14mm, 17mm deep socket
17mm pass through socket
19mm impact socket
19mm wrench
25" breaker bar
Large and small torque wrenchs covering 10-150 ft/lbs
PB Blaster
flat head screw driver
spring compressor (rent one from an auto parts store)

Let pb blaster soak on the lower strut bolts over night.

1. Remove the rear seat.
2. Remove the seat belt tensioners w/ the 14mm socket (not necessary, but makes life easier).
3. Use the 12mm deep socket to remove the locking nuts holding the metal cover down to expose the top strut bolt.
4. Use the 17mm deep socket to loosen the top strut nut(do not remove the nut, just 1-2 turns to loosen). The weight of the car helps make this easier
5. Repeat steps 2-4 for the other side.

6. Remove the brakeline by removing the clip
7. Use breaker bar with the 19mm impact socket and a 19mm wrench to break the bolt free. I loosened the bolt side. If the strut is shifting around, use a floor jack to support it.
8. Remove the nuts, don't take out the bolts yet. Hold onto the strut before removing the bolts, otherwise the strut might fall and damage things.
9. Take out the strut and note how the top of the strut aligns with the bottom.
10. Use a spring compressor to compress the springs
11. Use the 17mm pass through socket and the 6mm allen wrench to remove the top strut nut.
12. Remove the spring, decompress the spring.
13. Compress new spring, and put back onto the strut.
14. Align the top of the strut and tighten the nut with the 17mm pass through and allen wrench.
15. Decompress the springs and reinstall the entire assembly onto the car.
16. The torque specs for the bottom strut bolt is 162 ft-lbs, top 17mm strut nut 41ft-lbs, and 12mm nuts are 14.5 ft-lbs. Becareful not to over torque the 12mm nuts, broken bolts can result. It is recommended to use new self locking nuts.
17. Repeat steps 6-16 for the other rear strut.
18. After both strut assemblies are installed and torqued, put the brake line back on and reinstall the wheels (around 66ft-lbs for the lugs).


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1. Remove the center dust cover to expose the 17mm top strut nut.
2. Use the 17mm deep socket to break loose the top strut nut (only 1-2 turns do not remove the nut)
3. Remove the 12mm nut.

4. Remove the wheels.
5. Remove the speed sensor and brake line by taking off the nut.
6. Make a mark on the camber bolt so when the strut is re-installed the alignment is not too much off.
7. Use the impact wrench to remove the lower nuts (do not remove the bolts until a hand is holding the strut). The bolt with the mark on it is lobed to adjust camber and has a washer.
8. Remove the strut assembly.
9. Compress the springs with the spring compressors.
10. Use the 17mm pass through socket and the 6mm allen wrench to remove the top strut nut.
11. Once the top is removed note the orientation of the washer. Make sure the "cone" side of the washer is against the bearing.
12. Remove the springs, decompress the springs.
13. Compress the new springs and return to the strut assembly.
14. Align the center dot of the top hat with the "outside" of the strut which is where the lower strut bolts are. The yellow line in the picture shows this alignment.
15. Re-assemble the top (make sure the washer is oriented correctly).
16. Tighten the 17mm top nut with the pass through socket and allen wrench.
17. Decompress the springs and reinstall the assembly onto the car.
18. Torque spec for the bottom bolts is 129 ft-lbs, 17mm 41 ft-lbs center nut, top 12mm nuts is 14.5 ft-lbs. It is recommended to use new self locking nuts.
19. Match up the mark on the strut bolt to maintain approximate alignment.
20. Re-install the brake-line and speed sensor, torque is 24 ft-lbs.
21. Reinstall wheels.



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