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I might come off as a dumbass asking this question but is a Cobb ap necessary if I am already planning on pro tuning my car. Also what would your first mods be.
A pro tune is “style of tune”, but you still need a method of tuning. If that makes sense. Let’s break it down. We have Off the Shelf (OTS) maps which are generic and suck balls pro tunes which are done by a tuner on a Dyno or via Etunes (data logs and emails.). Now. We still a way to apply the tune or make changes. Depending on the vehicle year we have several options. Cobb Access port is one of the most common. But some years allow for tuning without an external device or new Ecu (like Hydra Ems).
But for a quick answer if you pick up a Cobb your tuner can use it to do your protune. You can also use it to monitor vitals and if need be send your tune a data log if you are having an issue down the road to see if he knows what’s going on.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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