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Hi Team,
I Just had a new built short block installed by a well know shop in my area ,refreshed heads , new blouch dominator 2.5 turbo all the other supporting mods that usually goes along with it and making about 350hp atw at 19 psi.
Air pumps deleted,TGV deleted.
The car was running great 4000km on the motor so far.
Just went in for a service and a tidy up of the engine bay as when the motor was installed there were a few things missing that they neglected to reinstall and throw away that i wasn't happy with,turbo heatsheld , all manifold water hose brackets and boost controller brackets ect. I wasn't happy with it as I wanted to keep the car looking somewhat stock and not missing brackets with stuff just wedged in the engine bay like the boost controller just hanging in there against the hot turbo.
The shop owner recommended that they change my silicon turbo inlet back to a stock one to tidy up the engine bay.
I was concerned that the stock turbo inlet would be detrimental to the performance but was ensured twice that it would make no difference as they have tuned cars with much more hp with a stock inlet and its not that restricted.
So I got the car back at a cost ,everything looks great and they gave it a run on the dyno to check AFRs ect .
I was told that it was down about 20hp and the power curve was more linear now but the AFRs and boost was the same.
I drove the car home with a noticeable power decrease.
I also noticed that when I start the car that there is smoke from the exhaust and on idle but mainly on start up either cold or when the engine is hot ,it fills the garage so pretty significant.
I took the car back and they re tuned it and said over a phone call that it was back to making good power but I was told that they had no idea why it was smoking on idle and start but I could come and pick it up,I thought it was running rich but apparently not.
So I decided not to pick it up because I wanted the problem fixed .
There is a lot more to the story but we will just leave it at that.
If anyone out there has any idea of why I have a smoking issue then your reply would be greatly appreciated.
My car is a 2016 STI if that help with answers .
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