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rim size

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size 17x7
P.c.d 10x100/114.3
offset 40

would these fit 06 rex? if not what is 06 wrx rim size?
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on subydude they give you the specs like this....17x8 5x100 e48...thats dimension/length, bolt pattern, and ofset right? when buying rims should one worry about the width of the wheel or do most tires come in a large range of widths?
imbeterthanu said:
i say 46 to 53 offset is good. with a 46 offset, ull still a very little tiny bit, when lowered

and pearl boxer those are some very nice rims!
and what exactly do camber bolts do? for instance if you cant get proper camber with the stock bolts how are these any diffrent? is the cam on the bolt bigger or somthing?
1 - 2 of 19 Posts