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rim size

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size 17x7
P.c.d 10x100/114.3
offset 40

would these fit 06 rex? if not what is 06 wrx rim size?
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God some really bad info on here.

The stock offset is +53. I agree with vew, any worse than +48 is pushing it. +45 may work but not with any lowering.

Similarly, the widest you can go is about 225 width on an 8" wide rim. Any wider and you start to get problems, especially if lowered.

Next point, made by WReXd, is totally out of left field (IE WRONG). The width of the tire is mostly determined by the width of the rim. For example, if your rim is 9" wide, you're not going to want to put 225s on it, even if it's 17". The diameter of the rim has absolutely nothing to do with the width of the tire. The width of the rim, however, is very relevant.

Can you use 19"? Sure. You can probably use 21" too if you want, you just have to find a tire that's small enough. On my 04, the stock tires are 205/55/16 which is a total diameter of 24.9". Now, you can run whatever tire size you want but ideally, you'd want to maintain that same diameter. For 19" tires, that doesn't leave you with much sidewall. You could run 225/35/19s for example, and have a diameter of 25.2" which is pretty close to stock, 1.3% off to be exact. Most people say anything within 3% is ok but within 1% is ideal.

If you wanted to be stupid, you could run 21" rims. You'd have to find some very expensive and completely odd size of 225/25/21 and it'd still be 2.2% too big but what the hell, we're talking maximum, right? I guess you could make that tire, all 2.2" sidewall of it (stock is 4.4").
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I don't know why it won't let me edit that post but check these links out

size comparison. Note the % difference of diameter. <1% is ideal, >3% is gunna be a huge problem.

Don't know what offset is? (rotas)
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