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I think of this as a maintenance item, so I will put it here. One thing I am fanatical about is tire pressure, so when I found out that my tire gauge was at the bottom of Consumer Reports tire gauge list, I took a look around. I ended up buying what was on the top of their list, a digital Accutire MS-4000 tire gauge, around $22.

Upside of the gauge: Its much easier to read. It holds the reading after you use it ( unlike my old gauge). You can read it at night. Both ends have rubber on them, so it can take a fall. It comes in a very nice case. It seems more accurate then my old gauge.

Downside of the gauge: You have to make sure that you line it up just right when its used or tire pressure will be lost fast. I had to press much harder to get a reading then with my old gauge.

Overall I think its well worth the money if you care about setting just the right tire pressure. :cool:
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