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RacingBrake is proud to be a sponsor of We are a brake solution provider and have been serving the automotive industry for over 20 years. RacingBrake has many upgrade kits available for the WRX, and would like to put together a special promotion for the WRX community. Please respond to the following questions:

NOTE: If you have an STi, please see our other thread here.

1. What is the year and model of your vehicle? (For example, '04 WRX)

2. Brake rotors - stock replacement:
A - Front One-piece: 9004
B - Rear One-piece: 9150R (02-05) or 9152 (06-08)

3. Big Brake kits:

A - OE Caliper FRONT big brake kit: Our front big brake kits are coming soon - pre-order now to lock in savings!
2100 front kit (322x25 rotor and PD721 pad) - 2002 WRX
2127 front kit (322x25 rotor and PD929 pad) - 03-05 WRX
B - OE Caliper REAR big brake kit:
2049 rear kit (290x10 rotor and PD770 pad) - 2002 WRX
2071 rear kit (290x10 rotor and PD1004 pad) - 03-05 WRX

The following two rear kits will be available in a few weeks:
2113 rear kit (290x18 wider rotor) - Appropriate for 02-05 WRX to make rear rotors equivalent size as the 06-08 WRX. Requires a caliper swap to wider calipers.
2123 rear kit (316x18 wider rotor) - Oversize rear rotors; should be matched with a BBK in front. Requires a caliper swap to wider calipers.

4 - Brake pads: How do you mostly use the car? Street or Track?

Would you also like to upgrade:

5 - Brake lines
6 - Brake fluid
7 - Caliper paint

Please respond with the number and letter combination for the products you are interested in.
For example:
1 - '04 WRX
2 - A
3 - B Rear BBK only
4 - Track
5 - yes
6 - yes

Thank you for your input! We will respond to your comments and questions to help you select the right products for your braking needs.
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