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I may have posted this in the wrong section earlier.

Hey guys I'm new to the forum and to subie in general. I've built a couple dsm and an srt4 so this is a new game for me lol. So I have an 05 wrx wagon and was completely stock when I bought it. No real issues but once you start modding then there's always little things that can drive you nuts when learning a new car. Once I installed my uppipe/downpipe/exhaust I immediately got the p0130. I did have to replace the egt sensor in the uppipe as it broke when trying to remove due to rust but the cel is the front o2 sensor malfunction which wasn't touched. I ended up buying a brand new from Subaru front o2 sensor and put it in but still same code. I'm doing a decent build on this car so I definitely need to get this nailed down before I start installing everything else. Here are my current mods...

DC sports intake
Cobb 3 port bcs
Cobb AP sub 3 v 001 stage 2+
Speed daddy uppipe/downpipe/everything

I'm running the stage 2 for a rough tune while I get everything installed then getting a professional tune

On the shelf ready to install...
Speed daddy header, 20g turbo, godspeed fmic, denso 950cc injectors, walbro 255 fuel pump

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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