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The Southeast Region of Subaru of America is pleased to host the 2003 Southeast Region Subaru Challenge Events. In 2002 we held one event in Jacksonville, Florida. Over 75 Subaru’s ran in the competition and over 250 people from Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia attended the event.

Based on the popularity of the 2002 Subaru challenge, we will hold three events in 2003 at the following locations:

September 27th - Richmond, Virginia

October 11th - Laurens, South Carolina

October 25th - Tampa, Florida

In May I had the opportunity to attend Subaru Impreza owner meetings in Atlanta, Georgia and Jacksonville, Florida. What I learned from attending those meetings was there are a lot of new people in the Subaru Impreza owner community. Out of the combined total of 80 attendees at both meetings, about 25% of the people participated in the 2002 Subaru Challenge Event.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell the Subaru enthusiast community what the Southeast Region Subaru Challenge is and what it is not.

It is…
• A Subaru customer appreciation event designed to enhance your Subaru ownership experience.
• An exclusive, Subaru only event. No other make vehicle will be allowed to compete.
• Your opportunity to have fun with your fellow Subaru enthusiasts and to meet some of them in person for the first time.
• Your opportunity to test your Subaru’s capabilities and your driving skills in a controlled and safe environment.
• Your opportunity to see some pretty tricked out Subaru’s and be able to talk to their owner/creators.

What the Southeast Region Subaru Challenge is not…
• It is not and never will be a forum for Subaru personnel to take pictures and record VIN’s to void future warranty claims.
• A boring waste of your time.

Please accept my personal invitation to attend the 2003 Southeast Region Subaru Challenge Event that is closest to your home. Check out our web site for more details and take a look at the 2002 section. It only costs $20 to participate and you will have ten times that much fun if you attend. Take advantage of the on-line registration and we look forward to seeing you in either Richmond, VA, Laurens, SC or Tampa, FL this fall!

Randy Reinhardt
Regional Fixed Operations Manager
Subaru of America
Southeast Region

7 Posts
Discussion Starter #2 has been updated with special hotel rates for all 3 event hotels! Check the site to get the special discount code.

Links to the supporting autocross clubs helping to put each event on have been added.

Enteries have picked up this week quite a bit, here the breakdown as of tonights updates:
25 Enteries - Subaru Challenge Event #2, Laurens, SC
32 Enteries - Subaru Challenge Event #1, Richmond, VA
47 Enteries - Subaru Challenge Event #3, Tampa, FL

Have friends who like to autocross? Invite them to co-drive your car!

51 Days till the first car is off at Event #1!!
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