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Here is the picture of the bottle in the trunk.
It is mounted in the trunk on a fake floor.
The floor is made out of plywood and covered with carpet.

The floor is cut in the middle for easy removal.

Here is half of the floor taken out.

Here are the switches mounted in the center console.
The red one is the arming switch
and the blue is the purge button.

I used two shiftlites to let me know what is going on
with the system. The blue light turns on when the
system in armed, and the yellow one turns on
when the nitrous is running.

Here is the main nitrous line ran through the firewall.

:cool: :)

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Here is another picture of the nitrous line through the firewall.

Here is the purge kit. Its installed next to the windshield wiper
motor. The tee on there, runs inside to connect to the
mechanical N2O gauge.

Here is the OEM gauge pod. It will house the N2O,
fuel pressure and intake charge temp gauges.

Here are the nitrous and fuel solenoids mounted in a cool,
dry place.

Here is the NOS microswitch. It is mounted to a NOS bracket
bent into a U shape. The whole thing is bolted down to one of
the bolts holding the TB.

Here is a view of the entire engine.
The system is from NOS. Currently i am running a 50 shot setup. The lines were custom made and i also ordered a fogger 2 nozzle
with a 90 degree right angle for easier installation. The enitre
setup was installed by me and it took me about 2 days. If you have any other questions please e-mail me at [email protected]
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