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Hello everyone,,
recently got my frist suby. Its an 2002 WRX wagon, stock.
It will be my daily as well but im looking to upgrade it somewhat. Mostly in looks and sound. From the research Ive done looks like a cat-back, BOV would be a good start.
I dont know what a good site to use to buy parts from. I am/have been a jeep owner and all my mods ive always used one certain good site.
all n all I thinkin to do for it would be the exhuast, BOV, headlights, and wheels. Id like to change out 3 gauges on my dash. It has a vaccum gauge but only reads into the negitive. when I actually hit boost it just drops to 0 so i dont know what Im putting.

certain bands? or any adivce before I buy a POS part or something that doesnt fit
Catted or Catless on a downpipe? Am i going to throw codes and run to rich or anything without cats?
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