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Hello everybod i just got myself a new red 08 wrx sedan. I traded my 04 saturn ION Redline for it. Im very happy so far and im already itching like crazy to mod this thing. My ion was a peice of junk. I was taking it in to get repaired every 2 months for the last year i owned it. I will miss it tho, it was crazy fast and handled great when it was running right. It had 265 at the wheels and about 250 tq. It ran 13.5 @ 106 with a 2.2 60ft.
My biggest dislike is the bouncy suspension and big floppy shifter. Those are my first upgrades, im ordering the cobb shifter, cobb sport springs, and perrin shifter bushings.

Also this is my first turbo car (saturn was supercharged @ 17psi peak) and im really not used to this power band, pulls good from 3000-5500ish then falls off, crazy!!, well.... not crazy, just not used to it. This thing is a torque moster, I love it. Im also not used to what feels like im losing my boost during shifts? Car hesitates between hard shifts in wot conditions. Should i not let completely off the gas when i shift? Thats about it, other than that i love the more solid, heavier feel of the car. It doesnt feel as cheaply made as the ion and its really nice not having to worry about first gear tire spin.

anyhow here is a couple of shots of the bone stock suby.

  • 101_0383.JPG
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