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Today, we’re here to showcase two more recently-released, functional upgrades, prepared by Duraflex to provide your 2018-2020 Subaru WRX with the ground-hugging appearance and reduce drag.

The V Style front splitter is a more aggressive version of the milder looking VRS Style lip splitter. It features sharper, more angular design and extends further than the regular lip splitters. On the other hand, if the track-ready appearance is not your cup of tea, VRS Style splitter will be your best bet. Despite the styling differences, both front-lips are crafted from the hand-laid, high quality 6 oz. fiberglass.

Duraflex - VRS Style Fiberglass Front Bumper Lip Splitter (Unpainted)

Duraflex - V Limited Style Fiberglass Front Bumper Lip Splitter (Unpainted)

Fits: 2018-2020 Subaru WRX


Material: Fiberglass
Finish: Unpainted
Quantity: 1 piece


  • Hand laid, high quality 6 oz. fiberglass
  • Helps to elevate your vehicle above the masses
  • Proprietary polymer blend for maximum flexibility and strength
  • Signature black finish
  • Reduced damage rate up to 75%
  • Brings the ultimate in style and performance
  • Provides unbeatable durability and long-lasting service life
Click here to read more information about the new Duraflex Products.​
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