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Negative AF Learning 1 Value

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Hey guys, new Subie owner here. Recently purchased a 2019 WRX Limited that has a MAP exhaust and cold air intake, Grimmspeed charge pipe and TMIC, STI short throw shifter, COBB AP, and some cosmetic stuff. I know a little about the AP and test drove the car 3 different times while deciding to buy, knock and Fine knock never moved from 0.0, DAM has been 1.000 since I’ve drove it, car performs great, it was professionally tuned for 93 which is what I’ve been putting in it (dealership put a half tank of 87 when I bought it🙄). I’m loving the car, it’s a blast to drive around. Just something about that 6 speed manual. However, I did some research and noticed a lot of people keep their gauges on AF Ratio and AF Learning 1. So I switched to those and AF Ratio stays around 14.7 when idle and fluctuates a small amount when driving, according to Google that seems to be fine. AF Learning 1 though averages between -3 to -9 around town, but highway speeds today it got to -15 and even close to -20 once but stayed around -12 to -18. Should I be worried? If I wanted to start trying to fix that, where should I start? Basically I’m asking could the tune caused this or surely if it was professionally done, they would have compensated for that in the tune, right? I’m barely half a tank into the premium, could it just be that I drove it on 87 for awhile when the dealership put that in there? Any and all help would be great. Like I said, most other values have indicated an extremely healthy engine, this one is just bugging me. Thanks everyone!
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From my experience AFR will vary with throttle change . I have been told 14 to 15
is ideal. An AFR gauge can drive you crazy ! Contact a recommended tuner not
google .

Best of luck
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