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Hello Subites,
My 17 year old just bought a 2012 WRX.. We have learned that this US car has a 2.0L JDM motor, but still has the Turbo unit from the 2.5L.
I believe it's got the TGV deleted. It also has a full Invidia catless exhaust, stock airbox, and the STI 6 speed swap.

The car clearly needs a tune. At some point it had a COBB AP married to it, the AP case was still in the car when he bought it, but no AP. I'm thinking it was unmarried and now has the stock tune on it.

My plan is to install the catted downpipe to quiet the car a bit and do right by the environment. maybe put a cold air intake on, then get it tuned. I really don't want to send $700 on an AP when he may not keep the car more then a couple years. It also seems there is case for open source tuning.

So, I am looking for someone that can do open source tuning. I could buy the Tactrix cable and capture dumps if the tuner was remote, but in person would be best.
We are a little afraid of driving the turbo hard, i'm not 100% sure it's a stock tune on it, just assuming, and with the 2.0L, exhaust, etc.. we don't want to damage anything.

Any advice? Can anyone recommend an open source tuner?
Any compelling reasons to get a Cobb over opensource?

Thanks, this whole etune thing is new to me... learning fast.
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