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I live in Victora, Australia and im looking at an 01 wrx wagon, problem is the particular one i am looking at has a "new turbo" which could mean anything from an aftermarket or just a replacement turbo. It also has a blow off vlave, which is illegal in australia for everyone and every car (something to do with emmisions), it also has an aftermarket intercooler. The problem is that im on a probationary license which means i cant drive a car with any performance mods to the engine, the stock 01 wrx is legal for me to drive however as it makes under 130 kw/tonne which is the cut off. (Please let me know if i am wrong about any of these laws if you are from around here!)

So my plan is to buy this wrx and fit it with original parts (turbo, I/C and bypass valve, or whatever you call the stock valve thingy) to the point where it is legal for me to drive! (again, please correct me if you know better!)

I have done some research and i would like some clarification to whether i am on the right track, these are the parts and links to the parts that i have found that should mirror what was originally in the 01 wrx wagon -

Turbo (TD04L-6) - TD04L-13T-6 Turbo Charger For Subaru Impreza WRX-NB 2.0L 58T EJ205 49377-04300 | eBay

Intercooler (honestly i dont know if this is even close?) - Brand New * PROTEX * Radiator For Subaru Impreza/WRX 2.0 & 2.5ltr .. | eBay

Bypass Valve - havent found anything really

I do have another option which i need advice on... and that is to buy all these parts from a wrecked wrx, atleast that way i know im getting the exact original parts and i wont be breaking the law. The cars that i can buy from are a 2000 wrx sedan and a 2002 wrx sedan, will these parts fit from these cars?

Please share with me any advice you have or call me stupid if i am being silly!

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