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LED Interior Lights?

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I was checking out a local automotive shop hidkitpros and they have vehicle specific led interior kits. I was thinking about doing the upgrade but was not sure how easy the install process was and didnt want to get myself into something that I cannot handle. It seems easy enough, all you do is enter your year make and model and select the color you want. Any advice? Tips?
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Everything but the vanity lights in the mirrors are easy as pie.

Just pull off the covers, pop the old bulbs out and put the LEDS in. If your LEDS are the wrong way flip them around and try again.

Only warning is that those festoon bulbs get wicked hot in a hurry so let it cool before you go in and start toying with the covers.

I would recommend that you pickup a nylon prybar set from your local harbor freight. For $10 you get tons of nylon spreaders and prybars and they will help you get the dome covers off without marring anything.

Hope that helps
Hello, ayray95! In most situations, the led interior kits are fine but have only a strict number of colors. My friend installed the LED strip lights inside his car, and they are working much better than the regular interior kits. Led strip lights are cheaper and much easy to install. You can buy them at popular marketplaces or directly from the dealer's website. Here is the online shop link where my friend bought his led strips Best RGB Smart Strip Lights | Smart LED Strip | LED Strip Lights.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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