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2003 Subaru WRX Buyeye
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How's it going everyone? I just wanted to see how others were doing their builds for ideas, or see if anyone had some suggestions on what directions I could take my car on.

Little background:
I purchased a 2003 WRX Bugeye as a project with my Dad before he fell ill and ultimately passed. During the time that I would have spent working on the car with him, I let the car sit while I took care of him. After he passed, I felt as though it was time to get the car to something he would have been proud of working on. Car has 41k original miles on both engine and chassis, but the car sat for almost 7 years. After taking it to the shop (several times), I was finally able to get it back and running strong. New clutch & flywheel, new brake pads & rotors, new valve cover seals (as oil was spraying all over the place), and even had the chance to do some mods here and there along the way.

Overall, the mods I've gotten to put on the car are, GReddy bov, K&N filter (probably could use a change as it was the first thing I did after purchase), Carbon-Ti catback exhaust, Crawford AOS, 04 STi front springs and OEM rears, and even managed to fit the 18" 2017 STi wheels on it without it rubbing along the inner lip. All of these things make the car sound and feel great, but I still want more out of the build in terms of power.

I understand the limitations of the stock trans and its difficulty in handling over 300hp and the EJ205 block itself not being a 207 (dreams of STi swaps constantly), but I want to see what else I can currently do to make it just a bit more fun to drive around the "twisty bits" (as Jeremy Clarkson would say). Current thoughts are converting from TMIC to FMIC and getting a newer turbo that doesn't have shaft play, as my current one seems to be suffering the initial stages of. Other thoughts include; upgrading the intake manifold, headers, up/downpipe.

Hoping to see what ideas, thoughts, concerns this group could offer and hopefully use that information to make something that is worth holding on to for years to come.

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