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I'm going to make the intro a long story short, I'm 16 years old and slaved to get the car from a neighbor. The car has roughly 100k on the chassis; oh I almost forgot, it's missing an engine. Long story short dealer tried to keep the car as it was apparently one of the first wrx's in the states and they wanted to keep it as a flagship for advertising, so they pretty much tried to screw over the original owner in any way possible and their last resort was taking apart the engine due to a "valve malfunction". When I say taken apart, I mean any possible thing that could be unscrewed was unscrewed. They ended up getting sued though, but the engine was never put back together and in addition, several parts from it "went missing" such as the turbo.

I ended up buying a brand new 2002 wrx block, because apparently Galpin Subaru still has some brand new engines that were never sold. It's on back order though, so I may be able to refund it depending on opinions I get today.

But let's say I stick with this plan and got a wrx block, what mods should I get first. I'm looking for a semi-reliable 300+ hp from the wrx block.
I also got brand new wrx headers for free, and they're currently being ported atm.

I was thinking:
1)Invidia N1 Turboback exhaust
2)BC 280 cams (open to suggestions for cams)
3)(Ported heads, unequal I'm pretty sure)
5)Perrin true cold air intake
6)Front mount intercooler (I want the car running first before I mess with this, also open to suggestions)
7)Turbocharger (open to suggestions, I think 16g is the best)

Money isn't the issue as I got cash saved up and I'm gonna pay back whatever else is needed
Other mods:
1) Cobb accessport
2) Tune (are you supposed to tune it after every part you put in the car, or after everythings all together?"
3) Coilovers later
4) Wheels/tires are already fine

Gimmie some opinions, part corrections (removals, opinions, additions, suggestions, etc.), and anything else that comes to mind. I'm focused on power atm, and handling mods will come later.
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