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Issues aligning driver-side exhaust cam sprocket, what am I doing wrong? pic/video included

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I have the crank pulley at 12 o'clock, and I'm using the company 23 cam lock tool to rotate the gears, I got the driver's side intake cam gear is lined up correctly, and I'll get the driver's side exhaust cam gear lined up (double hash at 12 o'clock and single hash at 3 o'clock/lined up with rear timing cover mark and everything is fine if i don't touch it, but when i go to remove the socket I'm using to turn it with, it will stay for a few seconds and then spring back the opposite direction. What am I doing wrong here? I searched and while there is a lot online about lining up timing, I haven't been able to find anyone talking about this specific issue.

Here you can see the drivers side intake sprocket lined up with the timing mark on the case.
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I recorded a short video of what is happening:

And here's another attempt, this time I try to align it with the cam lock tool already in place, as you can see i hand tighten the cam lock as much as I can, as soon as i get the rathet on and go to tighten it down even more, again it spins on me. you can't see it, because the the cam lock tool is in the way, but the double hash marks are alight exactly with the drivers side intake sprocket when i go to tighten it.

What am i doing wrong here?

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