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hey everyone! first post here and i’m really hoping we can get this figured out.

working with my 2016 wrx limited with tgv egr delete, downpipe and 3p boost controller it has a new professionally installed iag stage 2 block.

for around 100k miles i was running a bren dyno tune, it was great, fast and good on gas. i eventually started to get more knock, really strange afr corrections, turbo spikes and uneven rough boost and boost error all over the place , especially with a quick hard jab to the throttle… i talked to bren and they said check turbo but for a diagnosis i’d need an appointment, but to my luck within a few days my engine spun a bearing.

not sure if that was related or not to this...

part 2, ended up sending the car to a very very well known tuner/builder in my area, matt miner. we went with a stage 2 block, heads re machined obv, new oiling and timing components the whole 9 to get the engine refreshed. told matt to check the turbo and explained the issues i was having from before and didn’t want to carry over issues……

finally get my car back and it has the same jerky response as before, did the break in and went to get the car fully tuned ( at matts) car would only make 200 hp, boost was all over the place especially when quickly hitting the throttle ( just like before) so matt suggested “let’s swap turbos with a known good used unit” so another 1600 dollars later i get my “ tuned and fixed” car back.

again, jerky response, no boost......dyno shows the car is 20hp down from the last tune (305 down to 282) which isn’t bad but still alarming. but the care FEELS incredibly slower than my friends stock wrx. i can only reach 14psi MAX…. usually hangs around 10psi, the car struggles to go up hill quickly, struggles past 100mph, TD boost error shows +5-7 at wot. and another wierd thing, the car WILL NOT KNOCK…. i’m used to some form of fkl or fb knock on a hot day, bad gas, etc etc…. but i can straight up put regular 87 in the car and it won’t knock.

so does this sound familiar to anyone? i’ve had people say it sounds like a tune issue, but it feels the same no matter which map i use,original tune…. cobb tune, and the newest map. could i have been sold a bad turbo and that’s all? or does this sound like something else i’m overlooking.
this video shows the turbo cold side, it spins freely unless there is ANY force applied to the turbine, then the shaft binds

here is a link to my latest logged pull

and another log after an ECU reset

any help would be truly appreciated. i dont know where to continue troubleshooting....
new engine, two (used)turbos, intake is free of debris, same with exhaust. going to check plugs and entire cold side of the turbo today looking for obstructions.

looking at my logs it SEEMS like my maf volts are down, intake manifold pressure is low, boost is low, TD error is high, calculated load is low... yet the turbo bearing has no play (but binds) ive had other people say its DEF a tune issue, others say absolutely that turbo is bad.. .

what do you guys think?

thanks in advance for any info
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