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Just picked up a 2002 WRX wagon with 10K miles. Been driving it for about a week and am in the planning phase of its tuning. I've got access to a shop, lifts, and some experienced techs with a german car background but know little of the Subaru's that isn't magazine/published info.

The car is a aggressively driven daily driver to pull perhaps once a month dragstrip (usually Commerce GA) visit and 2-4 times a year road race track event (usually little Talledega) My goals for the car are reliable 13 second 1/4 mile runs and being able to get consistently fun/safe laps at the track without breaking much or being embarassed. Would very much prefer the 1/4 mile time came from power vs a thunderous launch (something still doesn't sit well about a 5K rpm clutch drop) but we'll see.

I've done the usual search engine research on the web regarding parts, mods, etc but it doesn't always tell you much you can use. What I'm looking for are the basic mods to start with that can later on function with the more serious stuff.

It seems everyone likes to open up the exhaust. Seems (long as you are sub 300HP) that 2.5" exhaust like the prodrive or stromung is the best power/torque compromise for street use. (not robbing midrange power for ultimate few hp) Getting rid of the 3rd cat is a given. The pre-turbo cat also seems a given but can throw engine warning lights. When that trips a warning light does the ECU "limp" the vehicle or just put an annoying light on the dash?

As far as intakes go, the AEM has a good reputation from other marques but anyone use one of these on a WRX?

What is the general consensus on strut tower braces?

How about wheels? (205/55/16's got to go) Everyone seems to like the Subzero's, where is the best place to pick those up?

Anyhow, just looking for a general place to start the vehicle's tuning. Any experience, wisdom, etc is much appreciated.

Thanks for whatever you can dig up,

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Here was the recipe for my friends daily driver 2002 Wagon:

Turbo XS:
Turbo Back Exhaust with cat-eliminators
Stage 2 piggyback computer
Race MBC

VF-30 Turbo
Sti 550 injectors
Walbro 255 FP

Car rolls on 18" OZ Superlagara lightweight rims with Nitto 555 tires

Boost set to 20lbs.

Car had 2,900 miles on it and he ran a 13.01, it was also his first time ever drag racing a car and he was pretty much asleep at the light.
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