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To do this mod you will need a few things first.
1. Get a windshield sprayer kit. Get the one with the small reservoir. These can be purchesed at
2. Misting nozzles. These can be found at MRT performance parts under STi sprayer nozzles.
3. About 20 feet of 1/4" high temp plastic tubing and 20 feet of wires (20 feet of red and 20 feet of black)
4. A push button, not a switch. Buttons can be found at AutoZone or O-Rileys
1. We installed the reservoir in the trunk b/c it was a really tight fit in the engine bay. Screw the reservoir into the interior tub of the car right next to the back seat of the car.
2. Run the wiring and the tubing from the reservoir moto up the passenger side of the trunk and up through to the back seat.
3. Keep the tubes and wiring tucked back into the back seat and run them down to the door sill.
4. Pop the door sill out, it just snaps in and out, and run the tubes and wiring up the passenger side door sill .
5. Continue to run the tube and wiring up into the passenger side of the front seat, all while keeping it along the door sill so that the plastic molding can go back over it once you are done.
6. Now you will seperate the tubing from the wires. a.) run the wires under the front passenger floor matt back behind the middle console. Pop out the middle console molded plastic pieces and run the wires up to the harness that controls the power side windowns, dont connect it just yet( any 12-volt power source will work this one was just really convenient)passenger side dash.
1. First off ground the black wire to a bolt or metal piece of the cars frame.
2. Split the red wire and connect it to the switch that you have installed somewhere in the middle console. Run the other half of the wire down to the window harness.
3. This should make it so that the switch comepletes the circuit from the window harness.
1. Run the tubing along the seal of the hood.
2. Run it to the splitter. Now secure the two pieces of tubing up to the interior metal paqrt of the hood scoop.
3. Drill holes in the interior part of the hood scoop and install the STi nozzles into the holes.
4. Hook the pieced of tubing that have split from the main tube up to the nozzles.
5. Secure any pieces of loose tubing to the hood so that they do not touch any hot parts and melt.
1. Tuck away all tubing and wires so that they will fit under the door sill molds and center console.
2. Replace all pieces of molded plastic.
3. Fill reservoir with distilled water (this will keep minerals from building up on your intercooler)
4. Make sure nozzles are directed so that they spray a fine mist over the entire intercooler.
5. Give your intercooler approx 5 seconds of spray before you race, then proceed to smoke your opponent due to your professionla grade water sprayer!!!


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