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Hey guys,

So I just got the final version of my custom stage 2+ tune from Torqued Performance. Everything was running well until yesterday, where I was experiencing what I thought at the time to be heat soak (I'm in Los Angeles) as I was getting knock events and such while going into high boost and I've experienced heat soak before and it felt exactly like that.

So, I let all temps cool-down by driving conservatively on the freeway, drove to the beach where my intake temps were at about 72 degrees. I still experienced misfires/hesitations/stutters. I'm not throwing any misfire codes, I just got my spark plugs swapped out and the coil packs as I just fixed an actual misfire that threw a code.

Of course, I datalogged whenever the car was acting up and sent them to my tuner and he told me that it's a mechanical issue. But I have no idea what it could be: I'm not throwing any codes, within the last 2000 miles I got my spark plugs and coil packs swapped out. Could it be solely due to heat soak?

What doesn't make sense, I properly warmed up the car this morning and went into high boost and I experienced those misfires/hesitations but they weren't nearly as bad, in fact, they were very small but since I'm now hyperaware I can't let it slide.

Here's my setup:
Tomei Headers + Up pipe
Grimmspeed Catted Downpipe
HKS Catback
Walbro 255 Fuel pump (tuner recommended)
3 port EBCS (tuner recommended)
K&N Air Filter (if that counts)
Stock Airbox

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
edit: I don't have a rough idle, it only happens in high rpms under full load (after 4.5k rpm). Max boost is 17 psi.
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