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So i have a 2004 WRX STI. It is the EU version with the EJ20G Closed Deck engine making about 275 HP Crank and about 250 HP Wheel. I want to build it for about 600 to 700 Crack HP and to be SOMEWHAT reliable(I know its never gonna be fully reliable and I am ok with that). I have found many Forums here for WRX 2.0 Liters but mine is the STI variant and I need help. I am ok with rebuilding to Fully Forged and I already have ordered a new transmission that can handle about 800 to 900 HP Wheel so that department is done. I also would like if you could suggest some online stores that can ship to Europe.

Current Mods: Tomei Extreme Ti Catback Exhaust, External Wastegate, Suspension Mods and some other smaller stuff.

My budget is about 20K euro to 25K euro not including the car.

Thanks everybody in advance and please if you do not like the forum, do not hate.
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