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hi I'm having problems with my 2014 WRX, I would appreciate any input.

I had an engine failure about 3 months ago and long story short I replace the whole engine(I put the engine in the car 5 days ago, had to wait for parts), in the process I installed a radio, amp, and AOS. the engine started at first try but I got the check engine right away, so I read the codes and I got p0031, p0134 and p0500. so I replaced the b1s1 with a bosh and I got 2 speed sensors . but that didn't fix the codes. the check engine light doesn't come up right away anymore but I can read the codes in the scanner even after deleting them they come back right away .and now after rep[lacing the parts I have a new code, its p0102.

I delete all the codes and they come back right away with the car running or not, If I delete the codes and start the car it idles good until I decide to drive it and before half a mile the tire pressure sensor blinks then the traction control comes on with abs, hill assist and the car slows me down. the only way to drive it is turning the traction control off.
so I turn back home. I'm scared to drive it.
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