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Hi Guys,

I have just bought a Jap imported 2002 WRX Bugeye and it pops and bangs too much when I release the throttle. (More than it should)

The car has 108,000 miles and had the timing belt done at 73,000 miles.

The car has an EJ205 and has little mods done to it.

The car has a full 3” turbo back decat system with a 5” Toyo sports backbox.

Blitz BOV, a KN air filter and a front mount intercooler.

The car mapped and dyno’d to 307bhp.

The car consumes a lot more fuel than it should and won’t pass the road worthiness test.

A buddy of mine suggested it could be the MAF Sensor?

All suggestions would be appreciated, thanks, Conor.
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