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Looking to sell my WRX. Location is in Portland, Maine.

2011 Subaru WRX premium hatchback. Plus I've made a few mods to it. I've installed a foam engine air intake filter, a 3" dia turbo inlet hose, an aftermarket recirc BOV and a 3" dia 316SS catback exhaust. All Perrin Performance aftermarket parts. Basically a stage 1 upgrade.

Not only did this give this Subie a bit more horsepower, but it sounds AMAZING now! It's got the classic loud Subie boxer engine, unequal length header "***", a more pronounced turbo blowoff valve sound (turbo sneeze) and more of the turbo wine sound leaks out of the air intake.

Also included in the sale is the roof rack base, a foam air filter cleaning and oiling kit, and a Cobb AccessPort 3 with 91 and 93 octane ECU maps for a stage 1 upgrade along with a windshield holder. The AccessPort also doubles as a turbo boost gauge. It's currently mapped to 91 octane.

Accident free.

Message me to set up a time to stop by and take a look.

Turbo charged 2.5 Liter Flat 4 boxer engine @ ~300HP
5-speed manual transmission
Heated seats, side mirrors, and wiper blades
Traction control (can toggle off)
Anti-lock brakes
Incline start assist
Cruise control
Fog lights
GuidePoint GPS tracking capability
Power steering, windows, and locks
Air conditioning
Bluetooth hands free calling
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