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Where I live (lower Alabama) the car wash of choice among the tuner crowd has an option of handwash for an extra 10 bucks, it's just an old Big/Little gas station with a manned carwash but the owner is a tuner and they run a fresh bucket of soap and hot water for each car that requests it. Sure, the people that do it probably aren't legal residents but they don't mind you watching the entire process and learn your car/name if you give a nominal tip. Once after I told them it was ok to use the stereo I found one under the hood with a toothbrush spiffing the engine because he remembered my car and liked the song that was playing. !Thumbs Up Wish that kind of service was available everywhere. I usually pay about 40 bucks for the service but IMO it's worth it, they make parts of my car shine that I couldn't reach with out a personal yoga instructor auto detailing bethesda md. I'll do it myself usually but every couple months I give it to them for a thorough cleaning.
:confused: Well i just bout my car this Saturday, And the dealer gave me a months pass(AND SAYS I CAN GO EVERYDAY THAT MONTH TO WASH IT!) to a Detail shop CaLLed "Misters" detail anyone hear of it? And since its one of them drive through washes Yall think is cool that i take it in? I heard them drive through washes scratch up the paint is that true?
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