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Things needed:
Autozone Windshield washer pump for 2003 Subaru 2.0 L Turbo WRX
7ft of 3/8 vacuum tubing
8 ft of red wire
8 ft of black wire
Switch from radioshack that only works when you hold it down or you can press it again to switch it back off. The one that only works when you hold it down is the best, but I got the second option because I think they look better.
3/8-3/8-3/8 vacuum tee
Drill with an assortment of drill bits
Dremel w/ sander
Wire cutters and strippers
Zip ties
1 pack of "Adjustable Flow Mist Sprayers (2 Per package)" from Walmart. I bought a few different sets of misters but these proved to be the best. If you can get these, then do so, if not get something similar.
Heat shrink of something similar

1. Before installation try to drain all the windshield washer fluid from the original tank but just using it so its lighter to take out.

2. Remove negative terminal from battery as safetry precaution. Undo the two screws on the windshield washer bottle and unclip the green electrical connector and lift it out.

3. Empty the rest of the fluid and rinse it out a few times.

4. You should see a spot where another washer pump could fit up a little and right a little from the original. Drill out the circular raised part of plastic and fine sand it to get the new washer pump to fit. Once the hole is the right size, rinse out the washer bottle of all the drill shavings to make sure its completely clean of plastic pieces.

5. Before reinstalling the bottle, connect the vacuum tubing to the new pump and just let it hang out of the car.

6. Reinstall the spray bottle and reconnect the electrical connector to the original pump.

7. Take one wire of the loose wires from the loose pump, and if you have to extend it w/ a little bit of black wire, do so, and ground it here.

8. Run a red wire from the firewall here to the other line from the new pump.

9. Solder and heatshrink the red wire and the other wire from the pump together. We didn't use solder or heatshrink, just this like connector thing that had metal inside of it, you put both wires in it w/ an open end, and use pliers to squeeze it down as hard as possible to hold the wires together.

9. I mounted my switch here by the mirror contols so I will give the explanation this way. If you want to mount it by the fog light switch, just remove the 2 screws and one thumbscrew under the steering wheel and pull it out. Pop out the button and vuah lah.

10. Pull up on the center console by putting your hand inside the cupholder and opening it then pulling up. It is only a little piece of the whole center console. Make sure the armrest extension is up and the whole box in that part is up otherwise you won't be able to get the plastic center console out.

11. Remove the connection for the power mirror adjustment so you can take the whole center console with you. Pop out the button and drill then dremel the plastic button to the right size of your switch. Then screw your switch in. Connect one leg of the switch to that red wire you ran from the new pump, to the firewall and to the center console. Tape it up good too. Then take some more red wire and connect it to the other leg of the switch. Tape it up so both wires don't touch each other (If they continously touch, the sprayer will continue spraying)

12. Take that red wire from the second leg of the switch and run it back down the cetner console, hide it under the console and carpet, and then bring it up to the fusebox under the dash. To get the underdash off, just undo the one thumbscrew, than two more screws by the hood pop lever and then the opposite side of that by the radio. Then just pull the console off.

13. Take out fuse 4, the yellow one here w/ the red wire going into it. Jam that red wire into one leg of the fuse then put the fuse back in. That will give your pump power, and the fuse will be able to hold the extra amps. Now you can put the underdash back on and the center console back in so your interior will look normal again with a button now! Ignore the other red and green wires in that picture because they are for my ABS switch which I might do a writeup sometime else in the future if there is demand for it.

14. Now you are wired up. Fill the tank up with regular water, put the negative terminal back on the battery, turn the car on and press the switch. Water should come out the vacuum hose. If so then thats good move on to step 15. If not recheck all of your wiring.

15. Sorry for lack of pics on this one but it is pretty easy. Take our your intercooler duct thing by removing the about 6 screws and the one plastic thumbscrew at the top. There are two pieces of metal that stick up on the duct that go into the hood scoop. Drill a hole on each one, at right about in the middle. Make it just big enough so the mister back end will barely squeeze through it, but enough popping out the other side to securely fit the vacuum tubing on.

16. Take the vacuum tubing and bring it up along w/ the windshield sprayer line until you get to the point where you see the y in this line. Zip tie the new vacuum tubing to the already there windshield sprayer line a few times to secure.

17. At the y or t, take one end through that hole shown and then the other to the other side of the duct and up through the hole shown. Cut both pieces at right length.

18. Then put misters in place and place vacuum tubing on ends of misters and zip tie them real tight to secure them.

19. Reinstall IC duct.

20. Connect both pieces of vacuum tubing for the misters to the Y or T- piece. Vuah lah your done.

21. Let mist flow and if you got the adjustable ones like I did, adjust them to spray the FINEST mist possible.

EDIT: I can't post more than 5 pics and I can't put them where I want to. If somebody can give me enough webspace to do this on a website, I will do it in order with about a picture for each step.

I tried to make this as detailed as possible. It looks long, but its not missing any steps.
If you have any questions, you can PM me, E-mail me at [email protected] or IM me at IBAUCLAPlaya.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible if anything goes wrong in the install and something happens to your car either.
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