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Hi everyone, Im looking for someone to look over some datalogs for an 04 wrx that ive been having an issue with for a while, any help would be appreciated

Parts list:

04 USDM chassis
Jdm ej205 w/ AVCS unplugged
catless exhaust
invidia downpipe
catless cobb uppipe
stock intake
td04 turbo
stock everything else

Ive had an issue with this so called "project car" of mine for years and i havent been capable of finding the cause. Im in a remote location so getting it to a tuner is out of the question.
Before i parked it, my Dam dropped to 0, i had fine knock learn values of -6.33 seems to only happen at mid to low range throttle position. The engine was basically a direct swap, did not swap cams, cam sprocket, or crank sprocket, yet she started right up, runs and drives great, i dont hear anything that would indicate a failing motor

List of things I checked or had done:
reset ECU
professional E tuned to 92 octane (highest where i live)
Multiple attempts at gas refills
Cleaned MAF
compression test done by subaru, all cylinders within 3psi (have to check)
boost leak test done with no issue
Replaced plugs and wires
No CEL has ever displayed


Dam at dropping to 15:

Fine knock learn of -3.16:

Driving log:

Idle log:

WOT logs:
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