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Yes, you read that subject line correctly. Competition Clutch has released two new clutch kits for the WRX & STi platforms and both of them come in under $400! Whether you are looking for a mild upgrade (Stage 2 $375 Shipped) or something a bit beefier (Stage 4 $395 Shipped) you no longer have to spend $500+ for a clutch kit!

Competition Clutch has rated their stage 2 clutch kits to 375whp for the 2.0L WRX and 400whp for the 2.5L STi. The stage 4 is even beefier at 425whp for the WRX and 450whp for the STi! Don't let the 6 puck disc scare you either as it retains great driveability characteristics with pedal effort similar to stock!

Click on the image below for more information from our website!

About Competition Clutch (CCI)

Competition Clutch (CCI) is the fastest growing performance clutch company in North America. CCI contributes this growth to its commitment in the innovation and quality of the products that they manufacture and supply, complimented by a sincere desire to provide unparalleled customer service and delivery.

Competition Clutch specializes in manufacturing sport compact assemblies from street driven to full race applications. You will find their products being proudly used in some of the fastest sport compact race cars in the country, including a number of the most recognized industry icon vehicles.

Competition Clutch brings to their customers the finest materials, workmanship, and the best customer service in the industry. They offer higher clamping force, stronger disc designs, and uncompromised satisfaction, all at the most competitive pricing in the industry.​
1 - 20 of 170 Posts
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