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Just Letting anyone know that lives in New England that My friend Ed and I ( Dan ) have started a car club in ct and wish anyone from NE to join...... The webiste is


Its not a subaru only club but subarus are welcome and come nice pics of my sti are thier also... So if interested in joining join the forum and present yourself..

We will be Hosting car shows and contests..weekly or semi weekly meets.. Cruises.. and Club get togethers.....

we will have t-shirts, stickers, music cd's, and more on slae soon once everything is put in place...

Lets Represent New England strong and show that the west coast has nothing on us and

We also have a local shop that will be sponsoring us so you will get cheeper car parts....

we will also have HIN club packages and rides to all HIN events on the East coast including one to Florida.....

Join the club get the discounts and make sure you let people know in the forum that Dan ( A.K.A one of the Founders ) told you about it on this site and get free stickers when they are done being made.... also post pics of your car and what is done when you see the site you know what to do

Thanks and hope you Join... Looking forward to creating one of the biggest Clubs on the East coast
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