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Cam position sensor confusion: No connectors on my harness?

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I swapped in a jdm ej205 into my 2003 wrx. It's single AVCS and has 2 wire cam position sensors. I installed the drive-by-cable intake manifold and harness from my old engine onto this one. I noticed that on this harness, there are no connectors for the cam position sensors. There is one orange and grey connector plugged into something right in front of my driver's side AVCS solenoid, which is the side I am not getting any misfires on. But I still have cam angle sensors on the rear of the engine with no loose plugs anywhere to be found.

I can't find any information about this and I can't imagine that my harness just doesn't have connectors for cam position sensors, but they are literally nowhere to be found. Do I need to splice the connectors in?
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