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Hey guys, I am here because I am moving to Texas in about a month, and I have some tires for sale! Yes they are Blizzaks, but they are Blizzaks in better used condition than you will find anywhere else! I took these tires in to discount tire, where I bought them. They verified all 4 tires measure at 9/32in. Brand new Blizzaks start at 10/32in! Discount tire also assured me that they will honor the replacement vouchers I have purchased for all 4 tires! I have the original receipts to prove the purchase of the replacement vouchers. There is no scam or shady deal here, I just cannot bring myself to waste my favorite tire down in Texas! This is a real deal, there is nothing wrong with these tires at all! I am selling them for $650. A brand new set of Blizzaks installed will run you just over $1000. If you are serious I will meet you at a discount tire depending on where you live, so they can verify all of this information. Grab yourself the last type of winter tire you will ever put on your car, nothing beats a blizzak in the winter!
Lookin at you 08-14 wrxs!
Thanks for viewing my post!


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