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Gentlemen. I'm here to announce the dreaded day has arrived. The day I trade my car for a lifetime ball and chain.

Don't get me wrong, it didn't start out like this. She was normal, chill, not interested in overly romantic things. A normal 32 year old with no kids. We've been together for 4 years and decided it was time to get married. No huge diamond, no engagement. Just a wedding to make sure everyone else we knew we were married (apparently that's what you're supposed to do in appropriate society).

Then IT happened.

You know what I'm talking about. Wedding magazines. Magazines that were invented to make you spend ALL of the money in the bank on a one time party. F*ck my life. She tells me she wants a "rustic, modern, contemporary, antique wedding". WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?! Does this beautiful, crazy woman know that that doesn't even make sense? So here I am, knee deep in candles and flowers and making a choice to give this woman I love everything she wants, even if that means selling my beautiful true girlfriend (but don't tell the bridezilla ball and chain haha).

Let my loss be your gain. You get a car that's tricked out to the max without paying for any of the labor or having any of the frustrations of dealing with a garage to install. I get to give my lady the party she wont forget. Trust me buddy, you win in this deal.

I am looking to sell asap, so if interested contact immediately.

This car has more than $30k in motor work! Parts and labor. You can buy the block, turbo, clutch, injectors, fuel rail, fuel pumps, custom tune.... (long list) for what this car has into it. Perfect sleeper with 425 whp, flex fuel. Let my cousin borrow it for a weekend, and his kids loved it, "faster daddy!" great for a daily driver or a weekend racer! Room to grow as well. This car will take anything you throw at it, was going to do a 50 shot of NOS, but then... the relaxed wedding turned into, "HOW MUCH!?" I am asking $40K but give me some offers and fast or I am going to drown in credit card debt for 10 years. Need to sell ASAP. Have details on the build.


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