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2004 200,000 mile wrx with a hybrid engine.
So recently my car has stopped charging the battery. Once it is started it runs just fine however the battery is getting little to no charge, certainly not enough to start the car if I needed to jump it. Same day this started the fuel gauge started freezing at half a tank, even if it is literally empty, and throwing a "fuel circuit input high" code.
  • battery and alternator were both replaced at start of issue
  • both new parts were test after the issue persisted and tested ok
  • cleaned battery terminals and posts
  • pulled fuel sender, unable to find issue but I don't know what I'd be looking for
  • pulled gauge cluster, no obvious issues
  • looked at primary fuse box, all connectors to the bottom appeared fine
  • all fuses were ok
  • From alternator housing to negative terminal with car running it read 3 volts
  • When testing continuity with a multimeter I had continuity from the positive terminal to my grounds (negative terminal, body, manifold)
I think there might be a partial short from the alt to the fuel level circuit but I don't know. I tested the level sensor with the car not running and but the ignition on and the fuel gauge read empty to full just fine, so the fuel level system only has its high input issue with the alt charging. I have no electrical inclination so don't really understand the whole system and what to look/test for.
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