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Hello to all,

I have a 2018 Subaru WRX that currently has a misfire in cylinder two and code P0172 (Fuel running to rich)

I took it to the Subaru dealership as my vehicle is still covered under warranty and they couldn’t find any outlying mechanical issues that would cause this problem.
The spark plugs and coil packs have been changed and neither of those fixes seemed to change the state of my car.
Additional information: I do have a TPG tune on the vehicle. I’m in the works of trying to find free time to get down there (I live about two hours away) but I wanted to ask this thread to see if maybe anyone here would have an idea for me to try at home before I have to drive all the way down to Pittsburgh and miss work.
The car also has an E-85 Flex Fuel kit on it as well.

Thanks to all in advance!
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