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Howdy folks. Few things for sale:

FactionFab Fspec Coilovers $650
- I have all the adjustment tools (wrenches, top hat adjusters). They have roughly 5k miles on them. Great set of coilovers for the price. Removing them because I've been driving the WRX daily and where I live, the roads aren't forgiving (New Orleans).

AWE Tuning Track Edition Catback $800
- Comes with all the clamps and tips. This system probably has 3k miles on it so, it's properly past the recommended 'break-in' period. Definitely has a unique sound profile. Not raspy and not too much drone. Check out the Youtube vids AWE put up about this exhaust for the VA. I loved the sound but I'm trying to be a tad more inconspicuous neighborhood 😬

I'd prefer local pickup but I'm not unwilling to consider shipping (US). Let me know of any questions, take care!


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